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Yosemite Fall Colors October 17, 2009

It was a spur of the moment decision to drive to Yosemite on Saturday 10/17. My friends Susan and Jim saw the fall color reports and wanted to go. We were going to meet between 7 and 8 in the AM by the Yosemite Chapel. My trip started at 3:45AM and I was at the Chapel by 7:15AM. My friends arrived 15 minutes later. We drove around the valley for a while and parted shortly after 9:30AM, because they wanted to hike to Sentinel Dome and also photograph the famous Ansel Adams Tree (which has now toppled over).

Yosemite Valley has plenty of good color right now. The sugar maple is amazing and has colors of deep orange and leaves turning red (and there is still a hint of lime green). To me a must see. The black oak behind the chapel is just starting to turn. It appears that most of the bigleaf maples have turned bright yellow, but a few leaves are already brown. Some of the dogwoods in Curry Village have turned and show of a colorful yellow and one is already red. I saw a few more colorful trees, but for most part the dogwoods in the valley just starting to turn and the best is yet to come.


Sugar Mapel – October 17, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .


Sugar Mapel – I used a flash and it really showed how the transion is progressing. - October 17, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .

The Elm tree in Cooks meadow looked brown and the black oaks just started to turn here. The same is true for the oaks in the El Capitan meadow, they are just starting. I did see a few black oaks with yellow leaves as well as brown ones.
To kill time during the harsh light hours I drove hwy 41 all the way to Wawona and the color of the trees in the 1990 burn area past Wawona Tunnel View--awesome with all the reds. I found most of the color around the Wawona campground and the creek (Alder Creek?). There is some color along Glacier Point Road, but with all the construction there is no space to pull out, so I enjoyed the colors.
The dogwoods between the Crane Flat entrance station and the Merced Grove are in full fall color spectrum – yellow, lime green, orange and red.


Dogwoods are Red – October 17, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .


Dogwoods Fall Color Spectrum – October 17, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .

Also there are a lot of yellow trees in the talus slopes below Sentinel Rock. Other areas with color are at the junction of hwy 140 & 120 and across from the Cascade Falls.


The Talus Slopes around the Sentinel Rock are dotted in Yellow – October 17, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .

Some color can be found along the Merced River Canyon outside of Yosemite.

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