Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors October 10, 2009

I send the following Eastern Sierra Fall color report to the CalPhoto Website:

JUNE LAKE LOOP: This one has promise. The shores along June Lake have yellow Aspen, but the rim has a lot of brown leaved trees. Shooting down from the beach is most likely best. All along the loop there are more and more yellow trees vs. lime green or green. Silver Lake picnic area and around the lake are more yellow than lime green. On close-up the yellow leaves have a lot of brown spots. Between Silver Lake and Grant Lake I saw 4 different stands of Aspen in bright yellow. Aerie Crag is also yellow and lime green. Along Grant Lake are groves in orange/brown, yellow, lime green, green and bare.

LEE VINING AREA: Looking down from Lee Vining to the creek trail (this trail starts in the town of Lee Vining), the Aspen are yellow. Just outside of town along US 395 are a couple of small groves turning yellow.

MONITOR PASS: The big grove east from top of the pass is yellow, lime green and bare as well. Other groves are still green and bare. The grove on top of the pass is yellow, lime green and bare. Driving west on hwy 89 before it intersects with hwy 4, I saw a few nice yellow Aspen stands.

HWY 89 to HWY 88: The East Carson River Valley has some really nice sections with very yellow trees.

HWY 88, HOPE VALLEY, CARSON PASS: The trees at Soresens’s Resort finally starting to turn, and the trees between here and Picket junction are either bare, lime green or yellow. On close-up the yellow leaves have brown spots. Other areas around Hope Valley are yellow, lime green, brown, bare and some have an orange tint (can’t tell from afar if is orange/brown). The trees by the cabins that had color last week are bare now. Up towards the Carson Pass the trees are lime green or bare. Hwy 88 western side is mostly green, lime green, yellow w/brown spots or bare.

There is hope for a 2nd season, as long as this next storm is not taking down what is left. I am working on my summery right now and will post it in a few days with images.

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