Sunday, July 26, 2009

My “Bear Encounter”

I took a couple of day trips in June over the Tioga Pass to take in the beautiful scenery.
On my first trip I was stumped by snow flurries at 9,000ft and since I was in my little Corolla, I decided to turn around. I did not want to be on the Eastside if they closed the pass.
As I was coming down to where you turn onto Hwy 120 to leave the park, I came across the scene photographer Dan Mitchell had described and who had posted an image from there in early June.

A ton of cars were parked/stopped all over and a ranger did traffic control. The tourist attraction was a “bear jam” - two cinnamon colored bears - one pretty big were foraging in a meadow. So I mounted my 100-400 lens, changed ISO to 1600 and turned on IS. Did all that but NONE of my shots taken with the 100-400 turned out - all blurry. I got one good shot with the G10 that I had set to sports....but very noisy.
My second trip took me all the way to Bishop Creek Canyon and beyond (more on this trip at a later time).
Coming to the same spot on my way home the “bear jam” again. Two bears in the meadow, tons of cars, a ranger making sure some crazy people don't try to get too close. I tried to learn from my previous mistakes - had mirror lock up on......
I changed to ISO to 800, turned on IS, turned off mirror lock-up, changed to AV and AGAIN all shots were blurry. I had the autofocus on..... Once more my G10 gave me a few good shots using a preset for kids/pets.
The moral of my story at this point is that I am lousy at hand holding a camera with a 100-400 lens mounted on it.


Bear Encounter – Yosemite Tourist Attraction. June 10, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .

My last trip was solely to see if I can get a decent image of the bears munching on grass in the meadow. I know, I know it was a big tourist attraction and not a wild encounter, but good for practice. I got to the meadow around 6PM and found the park service had blocked the areas on the shoulders, so cars could not park in there. I went ahead and parked at the Crane Flat gas station and walked down to the side of the road.
This time I think I had all my settings correct, ISO 400, AV, Manual Focus, no IS, mirror lock up off and the tripod.
Only a couple of people were there when I set up my tripod, but that changed quickly. Big traffic jam, a ranger told people to move on, move their cars etc. Two bears foraged on the grass for about 45 minutes, and then the show was over. I shot over 400 images and got about 5 - 10 keepers. I have to admit that the 100-400mm lens is just not long enough to get real good close-ups. All of the images had to be cropped.


Bear Encounter – Yosemite Tourist Attraction. June 23, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .


Bear Encounter – Yosemite Tourist Attraction. June 23, 2009. © Copyright Inge Fernau .

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